Feeling Quotes: 50+ Feeling Alone Sad Lost Hurt In Your Life

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Feeling Quotes With Images

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

I myself do not understand my enormous patience to be idle, just thinking, thinking and feeling.

With this cloning business, I’m already feeling like a vinyl record.

“Regardless of what you are feeling, get up, get dressed, and get out to shine.”

It is easy to know that you are surrounded by loved ones.

It is difficult to know that you are feeling alone in the midst of them.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

The shyness at first got hold of him, as happens to people who are surprised by feeling beyond reasonable.

I am feeling such clarity that it cancels me as a current and common person: it is an empty lucidity, how to explain? As well as a perfect mathematical calculation of which, however, is not needed.

You’re the guy who, when you left, left me feeling a pretty big pain, but I like you, you did not mean it. His evil was never evil.

If you are feeling very lonely, if your heart is still pure, if your eyes still retain the wonder of a child, you will find that the stars smile at you and you can hear them as if they were 500 million bells.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

I’m feeling things I do not understand. I do not like not understanding what I feel. I do not like dealing with what I do not know.

What I’m feeling now is a joy. Through the living cockroach I understand that I too am what is alive. To be alive is a very high stage, it is something that I have only now reached. It is such a high unstable equilibrium that I know that I will not be able to know that balance for a long time – the grace of passion is short.

I’m just watching, knowing,
Feeling, listening and I cannot speak …
I’m saving myself for when the carnival comes.

Feeling Quotes
feeling Quotes

I still feel everything I felt, but no longer seeking logic for this atrophic feeling. I’m still sad, but less catastrophic.

The most beautiful thing I feel is to be in order of you, is to hug you and not want to lose you, is to fall in love and not want to suffer, is to kiss and feel the taste of life.

When you are feeling like this, just look around – give it a look-around – then you will see that it is not so bad.

I do not want to be afraid, I want to wake up feeling pretty today and know that I’m okay, because everyone is perfect in different ways, so you see, I just want to believe in me.

Feeling Quotes – Feeling Sad Alone lost Down Quotes

Are you feeling empty? Fill this space with solidarity. Get out of that hole. There are a lot of people needing you.I shed a tear because I’m missing you. I still feel good enough to smile, but I think of you every day. There was a time when I was not sure and you calmed my mind. There is no doubt, you are in my heart now.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

You have to say what you are feeling when you are really feeling.

But I’m feeling really bad, I think it’s safe to roll.

One thing is for sure: sitting feeling unhappy is not going to change anything.

I’m feeling a 3X4 photo.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

And for those who had no intention of feeling anything, I’m feeling it’s too much.

Do not despise the mystery of the man in you by feeling sorry for yourself or trying to rationalize it. Despise the stupidity of the man in you, understanding it. But do not apologize for either, both are needed.

And without knowing why, she began to cry feeling alone and poor and ugly and unhappy and confused and abandoned and drunk and sad, sad, sad.

“Intuition is the truest energy, for it is what your spirit is feeling”

Are you missing Earth?
What is missing, what does this Earth do to you?
The people down here
Still at war
Looking there for the moon
Begging for peace ..

Feeling Quotes – Feeling Lost Quotes

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

When you are sad, feeling insignificant, remember: there is someone who is happy just to love you.

I believe so pitifully that I feel that I end up feeling, when in fact I feel nothing.

Not that she was sad, she just did not understand what she was feeling.

Do not make things worse, thinking it hurts more than you really are feeling.

How are you feeling today?
In this exact moment?
In this exact moment.
“Right now, I feel lost, I guess. Half empty.
Empty how?
“Simply empty.” Simply nothing. I do not care anymore.

Sometimes I think if I had not met you, I would not be missing you, but I would not have lived such beautiful and unforgettable moments.

A very important lesson for life is to realize that people are not magical, and that they can not guess what you are feeling, so stop suffering in silence and say what you really feel in your heart.

Lately I feel so strange, feeling things I’ve never felt, looking at things differently, feeling cold in the belly when I think of you, anxious to see you again, a need to be with you every day, I think I’m loving.

Why do you make me so loose?
Why do not you stick with me?
I’m feeling very alone.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

I confess, I woke up finding everything indifferent. True, I woke up feeling every day the same. Who knows, I’m so fickle; Who knows, love has come to an end.

Dream. I do not know who I am right now.
I sleep feeling myself. In the quiet time
My thought forgets thought,
My soul has no soul.

I never understood the feeling of leaving a girl in love when he knew he would not feel the same for her.

It’s not my fault, I’m just feeling out of control, do not get me wrong, do not get me right.

Feeling Quotes
Feeling Quotes

I’m feeling things I do not understand. I do not like not understanding what I feel.

Late afternoon. Banal day, Tuesday, Wednesday. I was feeling very sad. You may say that this has been too frequent, or even a little (or very) annoying. But what if I was really sad? Sadness-drizzle, thin, sharp, persistent, with some flashes of future catastrophe – Feeling Quotes

“I just thanked you for being so whole, happy, peaceful, and especially for not needing anyone by my side to be well.”

And to say that I’ve never, never gave it to what I’m feeling to anyone and nothing. Did I give myself?

It’s nice to be the same people with mistakes and correctness, but feeling in the heart and soul an uncontrollable desire to be always, always a hunter in search of the expected happiness.

You do not need thousands of people saying you’re cool or beautiful, if you’re feeling good about yourself, forget the rest.

Sitting with your arms can mean: feeling cold, wanting a hug, feeling the lack or waiting for the attitude of someone.

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