Depression Quotes: 95 Sad Quotes About Depressing With Images

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Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Everything we create for ourselves, which we do not need, turns into anguish, depression …

Worry should lead us to action, not depression.

We are a society of people with notorious unhappiness: loneliness, anxiety, depression, destruction, and addiction; People who are happy when they kill the time it was so difficult to conquer.

Never despise depressed people.
Depression is the last stage of human pain.

Depression Quotes Short

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Antidepressants treat depression pain, but they do not cure guilt and do not treat the anguish of loneliness.

Recession is when your neighbour loses his job; Depression is when you lose yours.

The lesson I’ve learned is that people do not hesitate to use you, especially when there are, feelings, and a heart involved in the environment.

It cannot nurture feelings like hostility, jealousy, fear, guilt, or depression. These are toxic emotions. Important: where there is pleasure, there is the seed of pain, and vice versa. The secret is movement: do not get caught up in pain or pleasure (which then becomes vice). One should not repress or avoid pain, but take responsibility for it.

Depression is a very serious, continuous and complex thing. To be sad is to be attentive to oneself, to be disappointed with someone, with some or with oneself, is to be a little tired of certain repetitions, is to find yourself fragile on any given day for no apparent reason – the reasons have this mania to be Discreet

Depression Quotes Inspirational

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Post-Nothing Depression: Nothing happened to you, but you get depressed anyway.

Depression is nothing more than a vicious pessimistic cycle. The more you think, the more you become weak; The less one acts, the more one drowns.

The worst depression is the one we created. It is, for example, complaining about missing a hug after locking yourself at home.

Depression is past excess in our minds. Excessive future anxiety. The present moment is the key to the cure of all mental evils.

Deep Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Depression manifests itself in different ways. Humour is one of them. Do not fool yourself. A good laugh can mask a huge void in the soul …

Writing is a gift
that improves with depression …

Do not deceive yourself with love. It will be a good feeling at the end point. After that, there will come the depression that will destroy you little by little. Fall in love with yourself. Better love than there is not. You’ll never stop loving yourself.

Depression is nothing more than a cry of the soul, a warning that its natural progress is delayed

Much of what is now considered depression is just a body in need of work.

Before diagnosing yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, surrounded by idiots.

Depression Quotes Deep

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

It is not hunger, it is not sleep, it is not lack of time, much less depression … I just want to disconnect myself from the world for a few seconds.

Depression is too much self-love. The individual loves himself so much that he does not accept himself as scratchy.

The brief depression leads me to great reflections, but the deep depression takes my psychological slowly to the suicide.

Lonely Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

It is the depression you feel when the world as it is, does not align with the world as you think it should be.

“The night sky, dark and cold, more like my depression, the stars appear as memories, small points of comfort in my soul in the saddest solitude”

It is and the problems gain weight and color It
transforms into hate all my love
is looking like a depression
Like an open wound eating my heart.

In this our half-witted love, to assume that I love you is to sign my certificate of post-term depression.

Depression makes a man look in one direction: the worst.

Depression, panic, and social phobia come from the rationalization of scrotal and cynical human behaviour, and from the way, the anomalies were accepted in the context of normality.

Minds have been dominated. Alienation and depression are new human symptoms.

Overcoming Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Writing has been my refuge, the healthiest of them, and has been my remedy for depression.

Depression is a pain that makes the heart sick.

Alone in my room, talking to depression, your smile no longer illuminates me so I get weak and in the dark!

“I am trapped in the enclosure, I feel your heart
, small enclosure, I feel an emptiness, almost depression,
that feeling, instinct almost framed by incomprehension,
infinite solitude.”

It is necessary to individualize the thoughts of each one, rather than the epidemic of depression, psychopathy, and ideological and religious fanaticism, before we are psychologically enslaved. Before the world becomes a big “laboratory” of brain-eating zombies …

Sad Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

There was no depression, there was no abstinence. The hope that he would call or show up or stay forever made life good no matter the wait.

I screwed up my life. I sniffed at my clothes, I got sick of my voice. I think I’m an unfinished book, an incomplete person. One thing I’m sure: I will not find my half, my weakness, my opposite self. Definitely .. I got sick of life.

It Is Difficult to Feel A Trash Every Day.

I feel so strange to have a totally different life from other people, maybe I can be special for that.

Do not think that all funny people have a happy life, a beautiful laugh can be a cry in the soul.

Work is the best antidote to depression.

When words do not come out, tears speak for you.

Around me, nothing but darkness, and despair. The light I see is not that of the happy tunnel, much less a good soul carrying any flashlight. The light I see; it just does not exist. Nothing more, nothing less than an illusion. Maybe because I wanted to see her so much and finally I could follow her.

Depression Quotes – Sad Depressing Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Love, prayer, and forgiveness are therapeutic, heal depression, and restore relationship with God and neighbour.

Rich has depression; Poor has disgust

Fear of God without joy is not fear, it is depression

depression?!, be valid, believe, believe in something beginning for you, do not be afraid of the falls that take along the way the challenges that will form you will not let that be opened wounded in the next times that fall to the ground!!!

In Minority? …
Depression …
Does it hurt for no reason?
Rock bottom?

Depression Quotes Images

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

My depression and self-mutilation are the only things I have around me, I do not want to live long enough just to be happy.

Princess, the pain passes. Sadness and depression pass. It may take time, but it will. You stop lying and pretending. But if there is still any trace of hope, let it not let you drown in your own tears.

Post hair cut depression. And I have.

Sometimes I have doubts about many terms, everything turned to viral, stress, bipolarity, depression, I am not questioning medical reports, but sadness is not depression, sham and hostility is not bipolarity.

Life taught me that the Depression only attacks, who tries to escape from it.

Why do I have depression?
Why does this pain accompany me?
Why do not you just tell me?
Because, there are so many questions that I would rather
enjoy this pain and let time take care
of turning those questions into answers.

Great Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

My love is greater than my heart even greater than my reason, so it covers my depression.

Where there is depression, there is no reason, only a great emptiness that consumes us, where words do not make the least sense, and our only consolation is our own company that someday will not be enough either.

No relationship will NEVER be perfect but if love is true there is no depression, tragedy, disagreement, or hatred .. fights only add to this love and jealousy never spoils it!

The injustice of depression is to tell the champion that he is a loser.

Depression Quotes For Her

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

The greatest achievement of depression is to deceive a great warrior giving him the disastrous feeling of defeat.

In the speech of depression there are no heroes, but in her sincerity she says: I do not understand why they believe so much in me!

From the crowd to loneliness, from loneliness to depression, from depression to darkness, from darkness … there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

In depression, your best friend right now is death

The cure for pain and depression is friendship.

Depression, loneliness and unhappiness is your pay by the Devil for your services rendered to him against other people …

Usually depression occurs when the person talks too much and misses.

Between frustration and depression … my hands …

Depression Quotes – Quotes For Depression

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Only a life with meaning and relations can avoid the ghosts of neuroses, depression and stress.

It’s not depression, it’s too shallow to be so serious. It is sadness, and only.

These faults I make in myself is not the cause of my loneliness and depression, but the opposite.

Euphoria and depression are two false sensations that reside only in our minds.
My faith will be stronger than all the wickedness in the world.
Your hatred builds my strength of love and your wickedness strengthens my forgiveness.

I tried to give up my dreams, I wanted to embrace the routine,
I wanted to give myself to depression and watch life go by without any participation.
But regret soon came just to imagine me.

I prefer the conscious unhappiness of depression to the alienated joy of the foolish.

I’m too poor to have depression, I may have laziness.

Positive Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Excess neurons cause depression; Kill them with alcohol or render them unfair with religion.

The depression for some is a technical course, others a college, a master’s degree, a few doctorates, rare PHD. The condition between the beginning and the end depends on each step, should step again? Should go forward? Should.

The Sun When
It Dawns It Gets in Depression
But when we see each other,
it starts with emotion.

Getting out of a depression is not easy, but if we believe in God, we believe in our inner strength, our power increases, and we get out. It is not the easiest thing to do but it is possible and possible in life is already an achievement,
I Feel
Every moment
A Strong
Gutting my heart

There are people who confuse repentance with depression.

The best remedy for depression is God.

Depression Quotes Losing Myself Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Losses and failures lead us to three stages: depression, acceptance and overcoming. At each stage optionally we determine the time

We live in the generation of depression. Generation where everything is within our reach, where we have everything, but we are so unhappy …

A person who finds depression something cool needs more treatment than someone who has depression.

It’s not that I’m depressed that in my story there’s a big hole, a huge depression in the plain of my feelings.

Gentle acts have the ability to reverse feelings of depression, hostility and isolation 🙂

Nostalgia of Fifth
Depression of Fourth Delusions of
Dismay of Second
Sunday Boredom Stupid
Life of Saturday Dull
Life of Every Day

Inspirational Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Let’s chafe the Boredom because it creates the psychological and physical Depression making you a mere Human Being – sad, finished and hopeless

Will I end up like the old poets? Depressed dead at a bar table, forgotten over time by everything and everyone leaving only beautiful words to the heart.

In the dead of night at dawn or in the depression or the emotion of any afternoon, whoever you are, respect your own changes and transitions, it can be painful to know that you do not please everyone, but it is refreshing to realize that you honor yourself. ”

Of course I have depression, I had dogs, 8 cats, 3 boyfriends and a family, if I did not get depressed I would be psychotic.

Never ridicule anyone who says you suffer from chronic anxiety, or depression, or some mental illness that suits you. If you do not know what that is, in your experience, you just do not know hell to talk about it.

If life is made of choices, I chose to be happy!
I have no vocation for sadness or depression.
Even when I lose my faith and give them the points, I will give them a blessed happiness!
And you want to know??? BE MTO WELCOME ALWAYS!
Keep making me your home!!!

Depression: excess of past in our minds; Anxiety: excess of future.

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Depression: it is when you stop believing in yourself, and in most cases for futile reasons – Depression Quotes

Imagine a circumference: half is euphoria; the other half is depression. That’s why they always go together. Now imagine a line in the middle: it’s balance or enthusiasm. Be careful not to fall into a vicious circle.

Being locked in the bedroom is not always depression, it may just be wanting to be alone, away from everything, away from the world. Only you and God.

“Laughter is the Energetic of Life, the Antidote for Sadness and the Cure for Depression, Smile Happiness awaits you.”

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