Aristotle Quotes: 79 Inspirational Quotes By Aristotle With Images

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79 Inspirational Quotes By Aristotle With Images

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

The wise never say everything he thinks, but always thinks everything he says.

The ignorant affirms, the wise doubts, the sensible reflects.

Doubt is the principle of wisdom.

To have many friends is to have none.

Aristotle quotes about life

What is a friend? A single soul inhabiting two bodies.

There never was a great intelligence without a vein of madness.

What Is A Friend A Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies

Courage is the first of human qualities because it guarantees all others.

It is by learning to do what one has to learn to do.

The intelligence is the educated insolence.

Aristotle quotes on life

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

People are divided between those who save as if they lived forever and those who spend as if they were to die tomorrow.

Hope is the dream of the waking man.

We should behave with our friends in the same way that we would like them to behave with us.

Aristotle quotes about education

Education has bitter roots, but its fruits are sweet.

The lonely man is a beast or a god.

The Intelligence Is The Educated Insolence.

Culture is the best comfort for old age.

A good start is half.

Perfect Friendship Can Only Exist Among The Good.

Which advantages do the liars have? Not to be believed when they tell the truth.

Famous aristotle quotes

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

Some think that to be friends is enough to want it, as if to be healthy are enough to desire health.

Friendship is a soul with two bodies.

Perfect friendship can only exist among the good.

Happiness is not found in outer goods.

Anyone can get angry – that’s easy. But getting angry with the right person, the right measure, the right time, the right motive, and the right way is not easy.

Aristotle quotes about love

Friendship Is A Soul With Two Bodies.

The error happens in several ways, while being correct is only possible in one way.

At the bottom of a hole or a well, it happens to discover the stars.

Greatness consists not in receiving honors, but in deserving them.

Who finds pleasure in solitude, or is wild beast or is God.

Pleasure in work perfects the work.

Aristotle quotes on love

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

The music is celestial, of divine nature and of such beauty that enchants the soul and elevates it above its condition.

Culture Is The Best Comfort For Old Age.

The joy of thinking and learning makes us think and learn even more.

Aristotle quotes on democracy

The sage seeks the absence of pain and not pleasure.

The first quality of style is clarity.

The historian and the poet are not distinguished from one another by the fact that the first is written in prose and the second in verse. They differ from each other because one wrote what happened and the other what could have happened.

Aristotle Quotes – Inspirational Quotes By Aristotle

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

Modesty cannot be considered a virtue, because it resembles rather a suffering than a quality.

The smallest initial deviation from truth multiplies to infinity as it advances.\

Nature does nothing in vain.

Aristotle quotes about happiness

Without friend’s no one would choose to live, even if he had all other possessions.

Socrates is my friend, but I am the friend of the truth.

To stay well we need to eat little and work hard.

The prudent man does not say everything he thinks, but he thinks everything he says.

Aristotle quotes on education

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

Democracy arose when, due to the fact that all are equal in a sense, it was believed that all were absolutely equal.

Beauty is the best letter of recommendation.

The beautiful is the splendor of order.

There is nothing in our intelligence that has not passed through our senses.

Is there a more terrible scourge than the injustice of weapons in hand?

Aristotle quotes on happiness

Happiness and health are incompatible with idleness.

Generally, it is the goods that come from chance that provoke envy.

The soul is the efficient cause and organizing principle of the living body.

The guest is better judge of a meal than the cook.

Selfishness is not love for ourselves but a wild passion for ourselves.

Beauty is the gift of God.

Aristotle Quotes – Motivational Quotes By Aristotle

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

The beginning of all sciences is the astonishment that things are what they are.

All paid work absorbs and degrades the spirit.

All men by nature want to know.

Making the worst seems the best decision.

Happiness consists in actions perfectly conformed to virtue, and we understand by virtue not relative virtue, but absolute virtue. We understand by virtue relative to what concerns the necessary things and by absolute virtue which has the purpose of beauty and honesty.

Aristotle quotes excellence

There is only one driving principle: the faculty of desire.

In all things of nature there is something wonderful.

Miserly as if they were to live forever, the prodigals dissipate, as if they were to die.

Aristotle quotes on knowledge

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

As for virtue, it is not enough to know it, we must also try to possess it and put it into practice.

The sage seeks the absence of pain, not pleasure.

Recognition ages quickly.

God is too perfect to think of anything but himself.

If things do not happen as we wish, we should want them the way they do.

Friendship can exist among the most unequal people. It makes them the same.

[In art] the impossible plausible is preferable to the possible not believable

The foundation of society is justice; Judgment is the order of society: at times, judgment is the application of justice.

Aristotle quotes on success

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

Thus, revolutions do not concern small questions, but they are born of small questions and put great questions at stake.

The fundamental value of life depends on the perception and power of contemplation rather than mere survival.

The hope …: a dream made of awakening.

Art is the idea of the work, the idea that exists without matter.

The main purpose of the policy is to create friendship between members of the city.

Man is the principle of actions.

There is not just one method to study things.

There is nothing that ages faster than a benefit.

Aristotle quotes on friendship

Aristotle Quotes
Aristotle Quotes

Nothing that is in power passes into the act but through something that is already in action.

All the necessary thing is by nature boring.

A friend does it quickly; Friendship is a fruit that slowly matures – Aristotle Quotes

Happiness is having something to do, having something to love and something to expect …

Happiness is for those who are self-sufficient.

Be master of your will and slave of your conscience.

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