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How can you forget all the love that I have for you? How can you choose to forget me when all I did was to love you? How can I live now without you? Tell me how.

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Thank you for long years, for happy memories, and of course for the love you’ve given me. This is sad but I know God has a better plan for us.

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I will not tell you to love me again or tell you to choose me again. I will be happy as long as you are happy even if with someone else.

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I never thought we would end up like this. I should have done something to stop you from leaving. It’s too late. I know it’s too late.

We have the right love at a wrong time. This will never be easy but I guess this is the right thing to do. Goodbye for now, my love.

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Something has changed between us. We are not the same perfect couple like we used to be. And now I started to believe that there are things that are not just meant to be.

There must be a good reason behind our tears now. Maybe today we are crying, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Let us just trust the Lord with His plan for us.

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I never stop loving you; I just stop believing your lies.

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I maybe crying day and night, but someday I know I will get over you.

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