15 Best Quotes About Success And Achievement 2024

When bad times and hard times are suddenly here, notice those that remain, and the ones that disappear.

If space could bring us closer together I would enjoy every single minute being apart. But the reality is distance has drawn to a conclusion and we were once magnificent!

You cant give away your riches if you keep thinking about the hard time you underwent acquiring it.

When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They're sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.

It's hard at times to be ourselves, but it's even more difficult to be somebody else.

Life can be very hard sometimes and you wonder why, but a little compassion is sometimes all anyone needs to get by.

Strong relationships withstand the tests of time and brave the hardships encountered as though they are the necessities for survival.

The best things in life arise out of the toughest situations, so don't discard challenges, for it is in the challenge that the fruit lies.

Never let hard times break you. Be strengthened by the adverse circumstances you are going through and allow yourself to gain from these experiences.

Worrying has never solved any problem but with prayers, faith, hope and love, we shall always conquer through hard times.

Success in life will create a crowd for you. Loneliness in life will create space for you, but tough times in life will create the true person in you.

Sometimes life is hard but the hardship is measured in the mind, so we should not flee the challenges we face. For with the challenges of life, discretion should be used.

Tough times are a blessing in disguise, it always reveals the true color of the people around us.

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