Bad Bunny takes stab at 'Bullet Train' movie role

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As a child in a tiny village located in Puerto Rico where he worked as a bagger for the grocery store

and rapper who was dubbed Bad Bunny had big dreams about making not just films, but also music.

The dream of the music industry has come true to Bad Bunny, a two-time Grammy Award-winning international superstar.

Last week, Bad Bunny hit his film goals with his first film role "Bullet Train.

It's a scene-stealing performance one Bad Bunny, 28, would have never imagined as he plays the role of Wolf

an assassin who tries to take out Brad Pitt's rival ladybug Ladybug who is on the Japanese super-fast train.

"I have always dreamed about making movies and acting," Bad Bunny told USA Today recently, shortly prior to walking down the

"Bullet Train" pink carpet for his first Hollywood premiere.

"But I never, ever had a dream where I was trying to kill Brad Pitt in a movie scene."

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