Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Winning ticket sold in Altadena for record $2.04-billion Powerball jackpot

One lucky winner bought the nation's only matching Powerball ticket worth more than $2 billion at an Altadena gas station,

becoming California's first billionaire-by-lottery, state lottery officials said Tuesday.

The winner hasn't come to the fore, but Joseph Chahayed, the owner of the service center located on West Woodbury Road,

said that he believed the next billionaire would be from the area.

Meanwhile, Chahayed is celebrating a cash-flow from his personal. Officials from the lottery surprised him in his shop on Tuesday morning with the news

that he'd get one million dollars in bonus money in exchange for the sale of his $2.04-billion lottery ticket that won the jackpot.

The owner of 75 years old Joe's Service Center, now an ExxonMobil franchise, 

told the media that he would like to share the proceeds to his eleven grandchildren, as well as the rest of his family.

"I'm content for California I'm glad with L.A.," Chahayed stated. "I'm more content for Altadena. There are lots of poor people here. They merit it."

Wearing wearing a California Lottery hat and shirt as well as wearing an "I have voted" stickers,

 Chahayed said that while Chahayed is happy to be able to share his winnings with his family, he's more enthusiastic about the funds allotted to California

schools and potential of becoming a recently minted millionaire from the local area investing into Altadena. Altadena community.

The California schools will be able to receive $156.3 Million from the prize

this is the largest amount from a single roll of the lottery in California Lottery history, officials confirmed.

Chahayed's son Danny assists in running the family-owned company,

said that this gas station offered lottery tickets in the past but the winnings have always been at the level of thousands.



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