Written by : Rajnish Kumar

The Real Story of How the Weird Al Movie Scored Fake Cameos

YANKOVIC has made many friends. It's not easy to work in the show business for 40+ years,

especially when there is so much of your work that isn't being appreciated but still highly respected.

National TV hosts will praise you, while podcast presenters and underground comedians will wax poetic about you to the Los Angeles Times.

In an industry where everyone is your friend, and very few are,

the pop parody legend was able to gather a murderer's row o talent for Wise: The Al Yankovic Story.

The movie, which drops today on Roku Channel, is loosely based upon the life of the accordion player and stars Daniel Radcliffe in the title role.

Yankovic also makes a huge return to cinema after starring in UHF in 1989 and being gun-shy since then.

UHF has become a cult favorite, but it was a commercial failure at the time.

A streaming service removes the stress of worrying about weekend box office results. Yankovic states,

"In my first email [Weird director, and cowriter Eric Appel] when I decided to work on this movie,

I said, I don't want a come back after 33 year and have another box-office bomb.'"

It wasn't difficult to get on a streamer. Yankovic, Appel pitched it to a number of services but only one.

Yankovic states, "Eric and me had written a really funny, smart screenplay, and Daniel Radcliffe was also attached.

So we thought, There's going be a bidding battle,

" Yankovic said. Roku was the only one who wanted to pull out their wallets.



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