The Manti Te'o Netflix Doc is About More Than Just Catfishing

Former Heisman Trophy winner Manti Te'o has listened to every joke and seen all the memes and (likely) have shed all

the tears that he could for having been the initial (and most well-known) famous victims of catfishing. Nine months following

the time that Deadspin revealed the truth about Te'o's affair with an unidentified woman The embattled,

embarrassed former football player is finally speaking his part of the truth in his new Netflix documentary Untold The Girlfriend Who didn't exist.

The media doesn't pay attention to scandals that captivate the media outlets for more than a news story when it's involving

someone with legendary fame as Te'o was from 2009 and 2012. The Netflix documentary focuses on the achievements--2012

Heisman Award winner as well as a five-star recruit and the most loved son of Hawaiiand an unwavering commitment

 to charity that would eventually cause his downfall. At the time of his entry into his 2013, NFL Draft, he already had an online romance with Lennay Kekua,

 his fake girlfriend who, in the public eye, claimed she had passed away (after discovering she had made up her own story too) and was

 the target of every news source and comedian slamming the man to insignificance. The sexuality of his girlfriend was scrutinized when

it was discovered that who was behind the Lennay persona is Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, and he was unable to collect millions in potential

NFL salary following his selection with the San Diego Charges in the second round, following his initial projections.

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