Jonathan Van Ness on 'homophobia' and slow monkeypox outbreak response

Jonathan Van Ness is slamming the Biden administration over the "botched response" to the monkeypox outbreak, primarily affecting LGBTQ men.

A 35-year old "Queer Eye" star wrote an article to Time magazine published Monday,

criticizing the government's vaccination rollout and preventative measures for monkeypox.

"In many ways, I believe it's been fueled by homophobia and transphobia," they wrote in their response to the reaction.

"When an outbreak affects mainly men who have sex with men, some portion of our elected legislators will have no incentive to act.

 He thinks it will not touch their constituents, which is obviously messed up because people's lives are at stake, and there are queer people in all 50 states."

Van Ness, who is HIV-positive Van Ness, HIV-positive, has expressed a similarity between the slow response of monkeypox to that of the AIDS epidemic.

"I've been really disappointed in our leaders, especially those who were in office during the onslaught of the AIDS crisis,

like President (Joe) Biden and Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi," they stated.

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