Written by : Rajnish Kumar

James Harden returns to Houston to host backpack giveaway and community events

James Harden, a former Houston Rockets star, is back in town for the JH-Town Weekend.

Harden has organized a variety of community events each year with his foundation and this year gave back Cuney Homes in Third Ward.

Harden's foundation donated 600 backpacks to the homeless and announced plans to refurbish the basketball court at Cuney Homes.

Harden said, "I preach every year this is the point."  "It's a pleasure to make an impact in these communities.

These communities don't have much hope. Tonight was a big event, with many children receiving school supplies and backpacks.

You can also see that there is a court in need of renovation.

Adidas Basketball will make it look just like it is supposed to.

 "I just want to inspire people, that's all it is."



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