Written by : Rajnish Kumar

House of the Dragon premiere crashes HBO Max streaming

HBO is aware that a small number of Fire TV users are experiencing problems.

There have been many complaints about HBO Max streaming apps, including missing content and unreleased content.

They've been able to withstand the stress of premiering content such as Tenet or Wonder Woman and Westworld but there hasn't been a Game of Thrones premiere.

The debut of the show's spinoff, House of the Dragon is the first taste of a brand new HBO Max experience.

While many are able to stream the episode without any problems, others reported that the app crashed or frozen up after it reached the teaser trailer.

According to reports on Twitter, Reddit and other sources, most people experiencing problems using Amazon Fire TV or a Fire Stick,

Although it's not clear why this app would be having problems, if it isn't working,

you might want to switch to another platform. Another piece of advice is to create a brand new profile if it's your primary streaming device.



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