Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Gary Busey Faces Sex Charges After Appearance at Film Convention

The actor was 78 years old and was the featured guest during Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill,

N.J. He was arrested on two counts of sexual assault in a criminal contact, as well as other counts according to the police.

Actor Gary Busey faces charges of sexual harassment and criminal conduct as a result of incidents

 at a fan of horror films gathering at New Jersey, the police confirmed on Saturday.

These charges came out Friday following the authorities' response to reports of sexual misconduct at the Monster-Mania Con according to the Cherry Hill Police Department said in the release.

He. Busey, 78, who lives in Malibu, Calif., was set to be the featured guest at the gala which was held from August.

12-14 at the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill which is which is a Philadelphia suburb.

He was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact. Busey was charged with two counts of criminal fourth degree sexual

contact as well as one count of fourth degree attempt at criminal sexual contact, and an additional count of harassment.

The police stated that the investigation was ongoing. Additional details on the charges weren't immediately available.

The police were unable to immediately respond to phone calls or emails on Saturday. In addition,

 they Camden County Prosecutor's Office referred inquiries for investigation to police.

Mr. Busey's manager didn't respond to messages and a representative from the hotel was unable to be reached.



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