"Embarrassed" Adele Reveals What Really Led to Delayed Las Vegas Residency

Adele is contemplating the "worst moment of my life."

After announcing the postponement of her 2022 Las Vegas residency tour dates earlier this year,

Adele is opening up about what ultimately led to her decision: “There was just no soul in it."

Just six weeks after the Grammy winner announced that she would be forced to delay the 2022 Las Vegas residency tour dates

 Adele has now spoken out about the behind the scenes issues that led to the decision.

(ICYMI In the month of January Adele posted a emotional video explaining her decision just a day

before the show was scheduled to begin in The Colosseum located at Caesars Palace).

"It was the most embarrassing moment in my career most definitely," she told Elle in an interview published in a cover story on august. 15.

 "I was overwhelmed by those shows. It was a total shock."

The " Easy on Me" singer said, her show did not feel on the standard she was trying to convey to her fans.

"There was no emotion that was there," she continued. "The staging was not the right way to go.

 It seemed very disjointed between me and the band and it was lacking intimacy. Maybe I was too eager to make it sound like that within such an controlled space."

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