Written by : Amelia Smith 

Elle King Controversial Opry Tribute: Fans Upset Over Explicit Language

The Grand Ole Opry issued an apology on Twitter for Elle King's explicit language and apparent intoxication during a Dolly Parton tribute concert.

Elle King performed "Marry Me" but forgot the lyrics, using profanity and stating she was "f***ing hammered."

Displeased fans criticized King's performance, with one attendee calling it "horrible, drunk, and profane."

Some attendees expressed disappointment, stating they spent $300 on tickets for a show that was marred by King's behavior.

The venue's social media account personally apologized to dissatisfied attendees for the language used during the performance.

Dolly Parton, known for moderation in drinking and cursing, may not have appreciated the tribute delivered by Elle King.

Parton, in a 2014 interview, mentioned using curse words sparingly to make a point but preferring peace and harmony.

Parton's stance on drinking aligns with moderation, sharing in her 2023 memoir that she's not a heavy drinker.

The late Andy Warhol and Parton bonded over avoiding excessive drugs and alcohol during their time at Studio 54.

Parton reaffirmed her modest approach to drinking in a 2019 interview, stating she's not much of a "doper or a drinker."

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