Written by : Rajnish Kumar

What Really Led To Leni And Gina Exchanging Their Lives Every Year?

The Netflix thriller drama series "Echoes", a Netflix miniseries about thriller dramas,

is heavily dependent on two central characters, twin sisters Leni & Gina. This article will be a brief discussion of these two characters.

The main characters and their motivations, much like many other aspects of "Echoes",

are confusing and disappointing in some situations. This article aims to help you understand 

the sisters and to give you an idea of why they are so cruel to everyone around them.

The series "Echoes" places a lot of emphasis on the childhood years of the twins. It is revealed that Leni was the first to be born,

while Gina was born shortly afterwards. In the same way that the older sibling of twin siblings makes a lot out of their birth order,

 Leni is able to take precedence over her younger sister's decisions and thoughts as they grow up.



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