Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Democrat Charlie Crist to face Ron DeSantis in Florida race for governor

More than a decade ago, Crist was Florida's Republican governor. He is now a Democrat at the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Democratic Party of Florida has seen a split in its primary for governor. Crist's opponent,

 Nikki Fried (Florida Agriculture Commissioner), criticized him for his past as governor and changed his stance on abortion and criminal justice.

After Crist declared victory Tuesday night, Fried thanked him for his spirited campaign.

But it was clear that his sights were set on DeSantis. My friends, our fundamental freedoms will be on the ballot.

The ballot will determine a woman's right of choice. Democracy - on your ballot. This ballot will include your rights as minorities.

DeSantis was called a "bully", "dangerous", and he made sure to reiterate his support for abortion rights.

"On the first day of my administration, i will sign an executive order protecting women's rights to choose."

Fried was outraised by Crist, and he has run as a moderate candidate to defeat DeSantis in November.

He has attempted to appeal to unaffiliated voters as well as disaffected Republicans,

and has received endorsements from leading Democratic-leaning organizations like the teachers' union.



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