Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Demi Lovato rocks hard to excavate demons on brutally honest new album

This isn't "Give Your Heart a Break" Demi Lovato is not a song that should be.

They've lost their pop skin and are now able to scream in hurt.

For several years, Lovato's life messy, complicated traumatizing, and messy - has been displayed to the world.

Fans were with them during an overdose of a drug (detailed by 2021's dramatic "Dancing with the Devil" documentary) and applauded

their decision to use they/them pronouns to signify gender flexibility (Lovato recently reintroduced she/her to the pronouns of their identity as well).

Although Lovato's eighth studio album, "Holy Fv," could be considered the continuation that of the album 2021's 

"Dancing with The Devil ...The Art of Restarting Over," it's even more direct and visceral. Lovato does not just dig up monsters,

she's doing it with strong, guitar-driven rockers that express her turbulent emotions.



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