Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Brian Stelter Leaving CNN After Cancellation of ‘Reliable Sources’

Chris Licht, the new chairman of CNN has informed the employees that he's revamping the programming of the network.

Brian Stelter, the top media reporter at CNN was fired from the company after the executives made the decision to end his show on Sunday,

"Reliable Sources," in the first major programming changes under the new management at the network.

The final episode of the program will air the Sunday before, according to a spokesperson for CNN announced on Thursday.

The demise of "Reliable Sources" -- an show that ran for more than three decadesIt's a radical shift from Chris Licht,

the new chairman of CNN who was appointed this spring following the sudden departure of the former Jeffrey Zucker.

Jeff Zucker resigned. Zucker quit after he failed to reveal his relationship with a senior CNN executive.

Under the leadership of Mr. Licht, CNN has abandoned its "breaking news" banners that used to be a signpost for stories big and small,

and the political news programs have been trying to attract new conservative voice.

The network has offered no other clues to the public about potential changes to the network.



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