Best Thanos Quotes That Make Every Marvel Fan Shake

By Rajnish Kumar

"What Care I For The Fate Of Three Souls When The Entire Universe Is Mine To Control?"

"I Am Transformed! I Have Left The Mortal Plane Behind Me! In Truth, I Have Risen Above The Mantle Of Godhood!"

"You Forced Me Into Doing What I Did. I Had To Be Faithful To My Nature. For, After All, I Am Thanos."

"My Mistress, Death, Likes A constant And Steady Harvest. The Balance Must Be Maintained. That Is Why I Have Returned."

"What I'm About To Do To Your Stubborn, Annoying Little Planet, I'm Gonna Enjoy It, Very, Very Much."

"I Will Shred This Universe Down To Its Last Atom. And Then... Create A New One... A Grateful Universe."

"The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Wills."

"Reality Is Often Disappointing. Now, Reality Can Be Whatever I Want."

"Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be."

"You Could Not Live With Your Own Failure, And Where Did That Bring You? Back To Me."

"I Ignored My Destiny Once, I Can Not Do That Again. Even For You. I’m Sorry, Little One."

"I Know What It's Like To Lose. To Feel So Desperately That You're Right, Yet To Fail Nonetheless. It’s Frightening."

"Fun Isn’t Something One Considers When Balancing The Universe. But This… Does Put A Smile On My Face."

"What Did It Cost?" "Everything."

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