Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Arsenal are looking pretty tasty

Arsenal lost their three first matches by a score of 9-0. This included humbling defeats by Chelsea (just about when Romelu Lukaku was menacing with Chelsea).

They would win their next three matches, but then the Gunners would lose the rest of the season, and in the end,

they would be unable to compete for a Champions League spot. Arsenal has seen moments of progress

and excitement since Arsene wenger left his office. They were smothered by their need to show their pride.

It wouldn't surprise that Arsenal fans (whoever the most annoying person in your life is) still revel in this season's opening like an iced-over lake.

It might feel solid right now, and it is exciting, but there's always the fear that the next step will take you into the freezing depths.

The facts are hard to ignore. There were three games, three wins, nine goals against, and two goals for (and both those Leicester goals came after the match was decided).

The table is now at the top, depending on how City does against Newcastle. There is nothing more you could ask for.

The most exciting thing is the fact that new players are leading the charge. Although Gabriel Jesus was not signed away by City

 because he couldn't convince anyone in Manchester that it was possible for him to play as a full-time center forward,

there has been little evidence in North London that he should be playing any other position.



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