Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Alex Pereira stuns Israel Adesanya by TKO to claim UFC title

NEW YORK -- Alex Pereira had Israel Adesanya's number in kickboxing. He also has it in MMA.

Pereira, who is the only man to have ever knocked out Adesanya, defeated him via TKO at 2:01,

1 second in the fifth round of UFC 281 Madison Square Garden's main event.

  Pereira won the UFC Middleweight title with this win in his fourth fight. Since 2019, Adesanya was the champion.

Adesanya was winning the fight up to the end. Pereira landed a torrent of punches on Adesanya, causing her to fall against the cage.

After a series of right hooks and left hooks, Marc Goddard intervened to stop the fight. However, Adesanya was not dropped.

Pereira stated that his mentor Glover Teixeira and his UFC light-heavyweight champion, Pereira, were in his corner prior to the fifth round.

"I said, "Do I have to knock him off?" Pereira spoke through an interpreter. "Glover said that you must knock him out. I said, 'OK, let's do it.'"

Adesanya and Pereira fought in kickboxing twice before, with Pereira winning both of them. The most recent knockout was by Adesanya in 2017.

Adesanya stated, "It's another wonderful story for him. But it's still not over." "This is still war."



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