Written by : Rajnish Kumar

Aaron Carter, singer, dead at 34

Aaron Carter, a former child pop artist and the older sister to Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter has passed away

A family source who was close to the family's sources informed CNN. He was 34.

A spokesperson from The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department informed CNN they responded to a request for assistance from Carter's Lancaster,

 California home on Saturday morning, around eleven a.m. at local time. There was a dead person was discovered on the scene.

The body was found dead in the bathtub, the source claimed.

Authorities did not provide any information regarding the possible cause of the death.

Carter He first gained his fame in the early years of his life with pop hits like "I I Want Candy" and "Crush on You"" has been buried by his son of 11 months, Prince.

The debut album of the singer, "Aaron Carter," was released in 1997. was the opening show of The Backstreet Boys earlier that year. 

The fifth and last album "Love," was released in the year 2018.

Carter was also famous for his appearances on TV shows, including "Lizzie McGuire" on Disney Channel and "7th Heaven," which debuted on

The WB Television Network. He was also a part of the reality show of his family on E! Entertaiment Television, "House of Carters."

The singer received a flood of love and support from his fans and other celebs in 2017 when he announced his identity as bisexual.

"There's an aspect I'd love say that I consider to be crucial for me and my personal identity.

It's been on my chest for the last half my life," Carter wrote on Twitter. 

"This isn't a source of shame for me but rather a burden and burden that I've carried for a long period of time, which I'd like to lift off of me."

He also explained that at about 13 at the age of 13 he "started to look for girls and boys attractive."



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