10 Heart Touching Lonely Quotes With Images 2024

"The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved." - Mother Teresa

"Sometimes you have to stand alone just to make sure you still can."

"Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone." - Paul Tillich

"It's possible to be surrounded by people and still feel lonely, in your heart."

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself." - Mark Twain

"There is a certain strength in being alone, but there is a deep sadness too."

"Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow." - Janet Fitch

"To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone." - Suzanne Gordon

"Sometimes, I feel so alone in this world, and it's strange because I'm not."

"Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space." - Janet Fitch

"The worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood.

15  Quotes about Being Alone With Images 2024