What caused Conte and Tuchel fight in the Chelsea against. Tottenham draw?

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Chelsea and Tottenham created lots of drama during their 2 - 1 draw during the Premier League on Sunday however,

the most memorable performance was the two managers.

As both the Blues and Spurs were more than able to deliver on the pitch , 

and Harry Kane equalising in the final seconds but it came down to Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte who were the focus of post-match chats.

Both managers were right in each other's faces in the stands for the majority of the game,

with both of them making it a point cheer on the other team when they scored.

Tuchel ran along the sidelines as Reece James put Chelsea ahead in the closing minutes,

but Conte could have the last smile thanks to Kane's header in the final moments.

The frustrations were bound to boil at the end of the game after both managers received red cards in the aftermath of the incident, 

which will be remembered into Premier League folklore.

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